Skepticism is not Wisdom

There have been so many times when I have been having a conversation with someone and they acted like they were more intelligent than I am because they choose to doubt something that’s widely accepted. I am frequently looked down on for believing things that are commonly believed. The general vibe goes something like, “Oh, you got tricked into believing that? I would never be that silly.”

Perhaps you know the type. You know, the ones who berate you for believing in your religion because “it’s just an institution”. The ones who belittle you for holding on to moral stances or viewpoints because they’re “old-fashioned” or “outdated”.

Let me clear the air on something our society just doesn’t seem to get. It is not a sign of wisdom to doubt everything you’re told. It is not a sign of intelligence to disagree with commonly accepted concepts just for the sake of being different.  Yes, there are plenty of times when it is good and proper to question something you hear. Yes, we should be wary of accepting things just because everyone else accepts it. But guess what. Everyone else isn’t always wrong.

Too many people just assume that they’re better than others just because they don’t believe what others believe or think the way others think. Most of these people that I’ve met never believe or trust anything at all. These are the ones that shy away from participating in government or society because “it’s all corrupt”. Frankly, that’s ridiculous. If you honestly believe everyone else is so wrong, it should be your moral obligation to kindly help people see where they’re wrong.

It is not foolish to believe. It is not stupid to trust. Obviously, there’s risk involved. You put yourself in a position where you could be wrong. But nothing great was ever accomplished without some measure of risk.

It is a cowardly thing to hide in the safe harbor of doubt and remain aloof from others.

It’s not dumb to be religious. It doesn’t mean you’re uneducated or uninformed. It’s not foolish to participate in politics in your society. It’s not stupid to vaccinate your infant or support other worldviews.

I’m almost done with my rant, I promise. I just have one more point to bring up.

We’ve all grown up learning that “just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right”. That’s good advice, and we should all keep that in mind. Let’s just also remember that just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it wrong.

So yeah, let’s be cautious. Let’s speak against things that we believe are wrong. Just don’t forget that it’s okay to trust. It’s alright to believe in something. Don’t fall in the trap of being skeptical of things just because a lot of people believe them.

It doesn’t make much difference to me what you believe in. I just ask you to believe and to trust. The world would be much better off. When we believe in something or trust a group we’re a part of, we tend to commit more of ourselves to improving it. When you believe in the government, you’re more likely to vote for changes you think would help. When you trust your fellow people, you are much more likely to become involved in society in a way that can influence others for the better.

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