Fairy Tales and Love Stories

Almost everyone loves to hear a good love story every once in a while. Why wouldn’t we? Love is a basic human need. It helps us to feel needed and have the strength to make it through the challenges we face on a daily basis. It helps us feel safe and protected. It’s no surprise, then, that stories about ‘perfect love’ are such a big hit in our society.

The problem is, things rarely seem to work out so wonderfully in real life. If you listen to most of society anymore, you’re likely to be informed that love just doesn’t work out the way it does in the movies. We have somehow made loving, committed relationships into the stuff of fairy tales.

Real life doesn’t have happy endings. In real life, you’re not likely to find someone perfect and have them whisk you off into the sunset. In real life, relationships don’t end up existing ‘happily ever after’, right?



Here’s the thing, everyone. I am sick and tired of happiness and love being treated like mythical creatures. No, it’s not as easy as the movies say it is. No, it’s not always a glittering, beautiful thing. Maybe he doesn’t get why you need four separate kinds of hair products in the morning. Maybe she thinks it’s silly that you spend so much time on your favorite hobby. Sometimes misunderstandings will happen that leave feelings severely hurt and you wonder how the relationship will make it.

You want to know something, though? None of those things would constitute a love that isn’t perfect. Would you like me to tell you what makes a perfect love story? Never giving up.

It doesn’t matter if not everything is fun. It doesn’t matter if you disagree a lot. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think exactly the same way as your partner. Do you want to know why? It’s because THAT’S NOT WHAT LOVE IS ABOUT. Love is not the path of least resistance. Love is beautiful and amazing and perfect BECAUSE IT IS THE HARDEST THING YOU WILL EVER DO IN YOUR LIFE. Does that mean it isn’t worth it? Not by a long shot.

Love is about trying.

Love is about failing over and over again, and learning from it every time.

Love is about sticking it out and never giving up, no matter how much it sucks sometimes.

Loving someone doesn’t mean you find them flawless. Can we just get that idea out of our heads? Loving someone means that you see their flaws, but you’re willing to work with them kindly and lovingly in spite of their imperfections. Loving someone means that you don’t let anything get in between you and your partner.

In short, it’s a commitment. A promise. The only thing that you can do to ruin it is to break that promise.

Perfect love is not impossible until the moment you decide to stop trying.

That is all. Thank you. Don’t forget to like and share.

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