Is Marriage Antiquated?

Marriage is not there to control or restrict. It is not there to keep people in check or make our lives miserable. Marriage is not a way to improve your relationship with someone or make sure they never leave.

Equal but Different

I’m so glad we live in a time when it’s so widely known that all people are equal to one another. This knowledge wasn’t always popular, and there are still people that resist this concept. Don’t worry, they’ll come around. These things just take time.

Emotional Infidelity: It’s Still Cheating

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone, they take an important place in your life. Your significant other should be the one you vent to when you’re having a bad day. He or she should be the one you rely on for emotional support. Your partner should always be your shoulder to cry on. If you allow anyone else to take one of these roles in your life, you’re on a dangerous path.